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RE:V - Hideki + Sergeant Batreaux by Meishali RE:V - Hideki + Sergeant Batreaux by Meishali
what am I doing with my life :iconadmiralplz:

29/05/14 - Updated the relationships.
04/08/14 - Updated the job.
13/08/14 - Hideki cut his hair! Sheet revamped.


RE:V - Alternative Outfits by Meishali (still has them after the app update!)

Name: Hideki Saito

Age: 26

Gender: Male ♂

Height: 6'3" // 192 cm

Weight: 170 lbs // 77 kg

Birthdate & Star Sign: 12/27 // ♑ Capricorn

District: Nakasu

Education/Job: Public High School Graduate. Dropped out of college around 21.
Has been working at his Uncle's restaurant as a commis chef for four years. Is now a chef de partie (Entremetier) in his uncle's restaurant. (a 3 stars, bruh!)


 Team: KINGS
RE:V +++ KINGS +++ by Meishali

 Tag Tattoo Location:
Right forearm, inside of the wrist


RE:V +COIL+ Sergeant Batreaux by Meishali

 Name: Sergeant Batreaux
 Gender: Male ♂
 Species: Aptenodytes forsteri, Emperor Penguin

Information: Sergeant was picked out both by Hideki and his uncle, Asuma, during Hideki's high school years. The uncle offered Hideki the money for the main parts to the condition that he would choose Batreaux's personality. Hideki being a troublesome kid, Asuma decided to pick a strict but somewhat loving personality for the penguin. Although Hideki was able to afford multiple personality changes during the following years, he got used to the harsh treatments and comebacks of the AI: the young man did not change anything about Batreaux's character, for he grew attached to it.

✹ His name is french, illustrating both Asuma and Hideki's love for french cuisine.

✹ Since penguins are particularly slow, he's often seen sliding instead of walking, or being carried around by Hideki if the soil isn't meant for ... Well, sliding.


Hideki is the kind of guy who follows his instinct. He's definitely not impulsive, but if he feels something can be good, he'll dive in it and keep on pushing forward until he's successful or until his failures become statistically significant. He's hard-working, passionate, ambitious, and tends to sacrifice a lot to see his projects accomplished, for the best and, well, for the worst.

People say he's a reliable guy, for it's his way to show he cares. It doesn't matter how pissed he is, if you're part of the people he consider his friends, your 3AM phone calls stating that you're stuck on the countryside, drunk, and need a ride home will be acknowledged. He'll show up in the next following hour and will not ask for anything in return, as long as you do not abuse of his kindness. Thanks to his uncle, he's also become very respectful of deadlines when it comes to work and other things. He's organized and has a thing for multi-tasking.

If in a good mood, Hideki is fun. He's got a good sense of humor and usually knows how to cheer up people. The man's outgoing and has excellent people skills in general, but it can easily get very intrusive and heavy if you're not in the mood for this kind of contact. He's kind of a flirt, and although he's very, very faithful to his friends, his girlfriends never get the same treatment. Especially when he's going out with several of them at the same time.

Although he's usually all smiles and flowers, if he feels threatened in one way or another he can become extremely cruel and violent with others, by sending a row of cutting remarks and/or throwing a punch or two. And maybe a kick. And maybe another kick. He's currently doing his best not to reply to people insulting him and provoking him, for both parties could end up in, huh, well, a clinic, or a police office. Or both. To sum it up, try not to get on his bad side if he had a rough day, because he will mostly take everything out on your in one way or another. Truth be told, the guy is kind of a "unstable, short-tempered sadist", and it often gets him in trouble; his police record is everything but blank.


[TL;DR: Mom leaves, so Hideki takes care of his four younger sibling while dad's at work. Ends up being a punk stealing cars and motorbikes, gets kicked out of his house, is retrieved by a loving uncle offering him a roof and a job in Midorijima.]

Hideki's life starts in Tokyo, in a middle class family. Mom's a housewife, dad's a successful business man, Hideki has four little brothers and sisters. Around his fifteen years, his mother left the house for unknown reasons; the father never felt like talking about it with his kids. Soon enough, Hideki takes care of the house and the younger siblings with his little sister, Junko, who's only two years younger. Although forced to do all the meals, the boy develops a certain passion for cooking, especially western cuisine. Life goes on, the boy is on bad terms with his secretive father.

Around high school, Hideki becomes a punk. Your average, useless, wannabe rebel trying hard to belong to a group of older guys. His love for cuisine and his motherly attitude towards his siblings slowly turns him into a scapegoat; to avoid this status, Saito has an idea. Proving you're the toughest by stealing cars and motorbikes was a thing back then, and so the boy ended up doing this. The deal was just not to get caught: they used to abandon the cars in the city and other vehicles after a ride or two, to the joy of their owner. But Hideki was caught once, and thanks to his father, was able to get with it "for being young", only with only a few months of community services and a week of expulsion from his high school. The ban and the community services were pretty much nothing compared to the physical pain his father caused to him the night he found his son driving around town.

His very silly hobby had already given him a real obsession for cars, motorbikes, pretty much everything and anything that could go fast and had a motor; he tried to approach them in more legal ways. That's also around his senior year that he started playing Rhyme. A lovely time killer, but nothing more.

Around 20, Hideki was back into doing bullshit, taking part into street fights, parkour sessions, illegal street races and other joyous things his whole family disapproved of. Street races were the big thing. Being orchestrated by the richest people of Tokyo to entertain themselves, Hideki was paid like a fool, endangering his life for various bourgeois, and was perfectly fine with it. Although protected when it came to the police suspecting him and his odd acquaintances, it wasn't really the same when it came to actual road accidents. Hideki was sent flying, one night, and ended up in the nearest clinic with minor wounds.

This day, the father gave his eldest son a final offer. He'd either dropped all this and focused on his studies, or he'd throw him out of the house. A week later, Hideki spent his first night under a bridge.

Hideki's uncle, who'd always been closer to him than his father, strongly deplored his brother's behavior and thought throwing the kid out wasn't the best thing, although he still strongly disliked his nephew's demeanor. And so he gave the boy a second chance: coming back with him to Midorijima, and working in his restaurant as a commis. If the whole thing is a failure and Hideki goes back to doing odd jobs and street racing, it'll be Asuma, his uncle, who will throw him out this time.

Four years passed, Hideki is officially getting paid, he lives in a flat belonging to his uncle, but now, the guy pays the rent.


❖ Relationships:
Sergeant Batreaux (AllMate) >> The two of them are close, even if it doesn't look like it.
Asuma Saito (uncle/NPC) >> Asuma is Hideki's second father. They like each other very much, but it doesn't prevent Asuma from being strict... Just like Batreaux.
Junko Saito (sister/NPC) >> Junko is two years younger than Hideki. She designed most of his clothes. Junko rants a lot, but loves him. Deep down inside. Somewhere. She's visiting Midorijima very often, unlike his other siblings.
Other siblings (siblings/NPC) >> Hideki's three other siblings aren't as tough and as critical as Junko. They love each other and are very close, although they don't get to see Hideki very often.

Yaozu (Teammate) >> Although he did piss Hideki off in the very beginning, Hideki is slowly becoming immune to his sarcasms and remarks. Yaozu might not be as tough as he seems to be. Well, that's what Hideki thinks.
Rhena (Teammate) >> Finds her sharp and amusing. Good company.
Kazuma (Teammate) >> He loves Kazuma's character, but would not really trust him for the moment. They're very similar. Awesome drinking buddy.
Fen (Teammate) >> Hyper and sharp. A bit loud. Likes her.
Red (Teammate) >> Hyper and sharp. A bit loud. Likes him.
Kanarei (Acquaintance) >> Somewhat interesting.
Kazuaki (Acquaintance) >> Extremely interesting charismatic being. He wouldn't trust him, but admires his social skills.

❖ Likes:
Cooking, motorbikes, sports cars, jogging, parkour, working out, sports in general, martial arts, teenage girls, Rhyme, video games (especially old school RPGs and fighting games/beat 'em all), french food, loud music, parties, drinking, money.

❖ Dislikes:
Movies about street racing ("They're fucking cheap"), heavy traffic, police officers, insults, careless drivers, wannabe teenage punks, empty bank accounts.

❖ Additional Information:
➥ His uncle's restaurant is named Grandiose. It is a fine establishment mixing both italian and french cuisine. 
➥ Asuma is living a comfortable life, but never managed to find a wife and have kids. Saito would probably inherit the business and his money, if Asuma were to die.
➥ Only scribbles are carved on Hideki's dog tags. For some reasons, he always wear them.
➥ The man is also athletic. He'll never miss his morning jogs, and if he's able to get into a street basket match, he'll get in it. 
➥ He gets to see his siblings from time to time. He's stopped talking to his father since the day he got out, though.
➥ He's very serious once he's in the kitchens. Hair is tied in a bun, piercings are off, and eyes are focused on the frying pan!
➥ Although he has a thing for European dishes, he's still very competent when it comes to japanese food.
➥ To him, Rhyme is a good time killer.
➥ Owns a motorbike.

❖ RP Sample [English is not my first language!]:


In a dark alley, near one of the main streets of Kyuujuuminku, Hideki was executing a magnificent brainbuster on one of the punks of the area. As soon as the gangster’s mohawk hit the floor, the Saito got up and got rid of the dirt on his clothes.

Grabbing his motor helmet, the tall twenty-something stretched his neck. “What a bunch of shitheads”. Obviously, Hideki didn't kill them; the three of them were moaning on the floor, already regretting their actions. Hideki was definitely not the good target for pickpockets… Well, Hideki AND Sergeant were not, for the penguin hit one of the three guys in the crotch pretty hard as well. The AllMate was walking toward his owner in his awkward way, mumbling something the biker didn't hear.

“There’s a lot of trash like them these days around here. What’s up?” Hideki stated, wincing after touching one of his cheekbones - unfortunately, there was a punch he couldn't really avoid. “It’s Kyuujuuminku. There’s a lot of people around here. It’s heaven for guys like them.” Stated the penguin. “Right.” The young man squatted to look for one of the thief’s loot, until a silhouette at the other end of the passageway busted him.

Hideki instantly noticed the position he was in; three pseudo-corpses and him well… Looting them. He stood up immediately, one of the pickpocket’s bag still in hand.

“W-wait it’s not what it looks like! These guys tried to take my money when I got off my bike and-” To these words, dozens of wallets fell out of the backpack Hideki was holding. “... Fuck.” Sergeant rolled his visible eye.

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