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December 5, 2013
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1001MN: Khatija by Meishali 1001MN: Khatija by Meishali

Name: Khatija (Ka-dee-ja/Ka-tee-ja/Kadja/Katja, every pronunciation is fine by him!) Sleiman
Birth Place: Eryphs, Iocra
Location: Eryphs
Hair-Color: Ash blond
Eye-Color: Light Blue
Height: 188 cm
Age: 26

Occupation: “Treasure hunter”. (Consisting mostly in selling stolen antiques, in his case.) He works at the Sleiman's workshop, a family business ran by Abdul'ir Sleiman, his father.

Heat ♦ Strength


♣ Leadership
Khatija is a fairly charismatic being; he knows how to boost others, and is a character people will tend to trust and follow, as soon as he officially takes the lead, in whatever teamwork it might be... He's a bit like a celestial body, in his case.

Don't ever dare enter a negotiation with this guy, unless you know what you're doing. He has years of bargaining behind him...


♣ Sleiman Style

Khatija has a proper use of the Sleiman Style, a really particular fighting style proper to his house, necessitating a long sword like a Zweihander or a claymore, and a heavy metallic gauntlet, acting as a shield or another weapon in extreme cases. The bearer of the Sleiman Style does not wear heavy armor other than the gauntlet. The heavy damages and the protection (mostly shown through deflections with the sword or blocks with the gauntlet, or both) offered by the style itself are balanced by its slowness and the lack of armor of the bearer.

♣ Snake's scales

Using the Sleiman Style, Khatija focuses for a good minute, deflecting and blocking all incoming attacks. This is extremely costly in stamina though, for the weapons are particularly heavy.

Weapon: Zweihander (Stolen weapon: Eratosthenes, or Eratos) & Gauntlet (Heirloom: Hyades), otherwise, his fists.


♥ Optimistic, kindhearted, enthusiastic, sensible, brave, good sense of humor

♦ Elitist, detached, limitless humor, short-tempered, reckless, opportunistic, Competitive

= Adventurous, open-minded, protective


The current Sleiman family, now like any middle class-family, used to be a branch of a great patriotic family of Eryphs, self-proclaimed “protectors of Kings”, explaining their extremely unusual and defensive fighting style. But for some obscure reasons, Khatija's grandfather decided to sever all contacts with his brothers...
Not much can be said about Khatija's childhood. He was a loved child, he had friends, an access to education and all the fun Iocra could offer. Though, during his late teen years, Khatija started to deal with the night life of the upper class, starting countless romances with several noble ladies, regardless of their statuses.
Most of them knew of his other female acquaintances, and usually didn't mind, for Khatija was of good company. Moreover, in most cases, he was more of a confident and friend than a lover, acting as some kind of tourist attraction of bad reputation, even though he was never disrespectful nor picky on the women asking to meet him. Unfortunately, one of them, felt an unhealthy jealousy, and had another innocent woman killed. She was soon discovered and shut away by the authorities. Khatija realized for the first time that his carefree attitude could be more than a problem.
The young man locked himself up for days because of all the trouble he had caused, without eating for days and nights. However, his family had been very supportive, although they were the first to disapprove his behavior. After some time, he promised to never play again with people's hearts, and now focuses on the family business. Since then, his relationships with the opposite sex have never gone past chaste friendship, and he doesn't wish for it, being happy in his own way.
It's not rare to still have some people of the upper class defaming him, even now, about eight years after the event.
The latest trend being dungeons, he'd love to go there for their treasures. He's been practicing harder with his older brother and father in order to conquer one... On his own. It's a really ambitious idea, isn't it?

Hobbies: Astronomy, Maths, Reading adventure and historical books

Loves: BANANAS, fruits, rice, night, starry skies and meteor showers, practicing with his sisters and brothers, strong alcohols, liquors, weapons, kids, ancients, old books and parchments, jewelery, gems, gold, silver, GEMS.

Hates: Serious people, day, waking-up early, being called a hustler, people realizing he's wearing a girl's name.

Other Info:

Khatija has one older brother, four little sisters and three little brothers.

His father had two wives.

He loves astronomy and anything sky-related, and so he has a good sense of orientation, especially at night.

He's extremely good with maths and economy, thanks to his family business.

He's a night owl, and waking him before midday is a no-no.

Has a very, very, very messy handwriting.

He is seasick, but swimming doesn't seem to bother him.

The Sleiman style can also be practiced with halberds, but Khatija is not really comfortable with them. His older brother uses halberds, though.

Like to bread people's hair, especially girls'.

Don't you DARE tell him his name is a girl's name. He knows that. And it's already really hard for him.

He doesn't always wear a lot of jewelery because it's not too comfortable, but he loves it. He likes to take his time when he needs to get dressed.

Paradoxically, he's not a really modest character, and doesn't mind being naked (but dresses because others do mind), unless it's cold or he's about to fight, for it wouldn't be too comfortable. ( “I was born this way, might as well assume it and be at ease with it!” )


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You should see him with his seven little brothers and sisters, he's an adorable guy. 8D

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